Shipping & Returns


MCI Onehealth will arrange delivery of products and services to your address using the process set out in your order, or otherwise determined by MCI Onehealth. Orders for multiple products or services may be shipped separately. MCI Onehealth does not provide insurance on products during delivery.
The costs of shipping and handling will be shown on your purchase receipt. 

MCI Onehealth will inform you of estimated shipment dates but is not liable for any delivery delays or failure to ship by the estimated due date, including without limitation as a result of events beyond MCI Onehealth's or its shippers’ reasonable control, including without limitation shortage of materials, transportation failure, or acts of God.

Returns and Exchanges

No returns are offered. Refunds are only offered if MCI Onehealth is unable to fulfill your order at the time of purchase.

Within 30 days, if you purchase a service but determine you require a different service of the same or greater value, the charge for the original service will be applied charge to the second service.

If you need more information regarding the Returns and Exchanges policy, please contact us at